Two-component polyurethane adhesive precision dosing, mixing and applying technology

2-Component polyurethane adhesives are cured because of a chemical reaction between component A (polyol) and component B (isocyanate). It is solvent free adhesive.

The bonds are extremely strong and temperature and water resistant. Cured adhesives range from hard and rigid to soft and flexible depending on formulation, making it’s using in:

  • various sandwich panels bonding with OSB, MgO, PVC, fiberglass, fiber cement boards, etc, with different core materials as EPS, XPS, foamed PUR, PIR, mineral wool, wood wool;
  • bonding textile materials;
  • composite materials;
  • aluminum and galvanized steel;
  • glass-reinforced plastics (GRP);
  • carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (aramid, carbon, CFC);

Predicted chemical reaction curing parameters of 2-component PUR allows to use it in manual and automatic modes by using cold or heat curing technology, adjusting manufacturing process for more effective using.

Gluestream machinery is designed for using 2-component PUR adhesive in a wide range of viscosity from 1000 mPa*s to 350 000 mPa*s. It is absolutely essential for the two required components to be dosed in the correct mixing ratio and for them to be mixed. Our pumps provide a high accuracy of the glue dosing, despite the difference of the adhesive viscosity, allowing to work in a wide temperature range. The pumps are tested by a long term of working in hundreds our machinery and no one pump have been changed yet.

Mixing the components occurs in the static or dynamic mixers, providing homogeneous process of the mixed components.

Automatic equipment and software has wide possibilities to control and monitor the production process with possibility of remote access for diagnostic and adjusting machinery via internet.

Main business field where our 2-component PUR applying machinery is used:

  • building and construction for manufacturing various types of sandwich panels;
  • PVC sandwich panels manufacturing, for PVC and aluminum doors;
  • wooden doors and windows manufacturing;
  • refrigerated panels manufacturing;
  • clean room panels manufacturing;
  • truck body panels manufacturing;
  • steel wall and roof panels;
  • steel doors panels;
  • FIPG technology;
  • automotive;
  • filters manufacturing.

You can discover Gluestream machinery for two-component polyurethane glues precision applying, mixing and technology right here below: