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CNC hot-wire EPS cutting machine
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CNC hot-wire EPS cutting machine

CNC hotwire cutting machine for EPS. It is designed for various EPS processing - blocks cutting to panel sized sheets, holes cutting for duct holes, technological holes, connection elements of different shapes.

Operation modes:
D - cutting contour in the XY plane. Ind - cutting the contour in the XY plane, with one carriage working the contour in the coordinate system X0Y0 and the other - in X1Y1. Moves are synchronized in such a way as to get the effect of independent axes.
The machine is able both to cut the blocks of EPS and PUR on the boards with high accuracy and to cut a holes in EPS blocks for communications channels.

All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing our customers with 24/7 online internet support.

Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you!

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