The SPL-1 XL Advance line was designed for production the wall SIPs with dimension from 1250x3000 mm to 3000x6500 mm and the panels for truck bodies. The line may be equipped with one-component PUR applicator or with two-components PUR applicator.

Prescription the line with 1-c PUR applying unit

1.  Stationary frame with adhesive applicator KAM-PRO series, equipped with electric drive motor for lifting up and down of the applicator depends from the quantity of materials, placed on the carriage. Adhesive applicator is equipped with automatic nozzle shutter that prevents the reaction of 1-c PUR adhesive with moisture. This original function eliminates the need of the regular cleaning and makes the work with the machinery more easy and comfortable.
 2. One or two transmission type stationary pneumatic presses completed with movable platforms with bonding materials, which moves on the rails under the glue applicator.

System can be used in automatic and manual modes. The shutter shutdown time can be changed on the control panel. Automatic shutdown occurs during the power failure or during pause in operation more than 3 minutes (time value can be changed according the characteristics of the adhesive system).


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