Sandwich panel production machinery

GLUESTREAM SPL-2 Line provides automatic application of single-component polyurethane adhesive on the workpiece.


Adhesive applicator:

Represents a vertical frame with carriage, that equipped with motor drive and moves up or down in automatic mode, according to the stack of panels that is forming one-by-one on the sliding platform of the press.

Carriage applies adhesive on the substrate, during the platform is going under the applicator, and applies water mist during the platform is on the way back.


GLUESTREAM EUROPE automatic shutdown system:

Adhesive applicator is equipped with automatic nozzle shutter that prevents the reaction of single polyurethane adhesive with moisture in the air. This original function eliminates the need of the regular cleaning and makes the work with the machinery more easy and comfortable. 

System can be used in automatic and manual modes. The shutter shutdown time can be changed on the control panel. Automatic shutdown occurs during the power failure or during pause in operation more than 3 minutes (time value can be changed according the characteristics of the adhesive system)


GLUESTREAM SPL-2 adhesive applicator is designed to bond OSB board, PVC sheets, metals, magnesite boards (MgO board), fiberboards, chipboards and other materials with different types of heaters in many combinations. For example, with EPS, XPS, mineral wool etc.


Line consists of:

1.    Adhesive applicator (equipped with motor drive, work in auto mode);

Combined with

2.    One or two Pass-type pneumatic presses (equipped with sliding platform with motor drives);


Sandwich panel production line

GLUESTREAM EUROPE precision specialized adhesive dosing pumps:

In our machinery production we use specialized adhesive dosing pumps. Pumps are made of special metal with high-precision surface treatment of the working areas, radial and axial gaps between the working parts are not more than 6 microns. Our pumps do not have sealing rings, gaskets, bushings, bearings that makes them almost unbreakable.

Dosing rate adjustments are ruled by frequency converters (Danfoss, Denmark). When the viscosity of adhesive is changing, the torque rate of the pump will be corrected automatically to meter the exact amount of the glue leveling its viscosity difference. (+/- 5gr/m2).

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