Line GS.PU1.PLWH.F.P for production of sandwich-panels is a monoblock design consisting of a movable adhesive application site, combined with one pressing station ( consists two presses 3000x2400x1400 mm). The line is intended for gluing in any combinations of metals, PVC sheet, OSB boards, MgO, fibreboards, particleboards and other materials with different types of insulation, such as expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, mineral wool, etc. with 1-component polyurethane adhesives and automatic irrigation water.

Complete set GS.PU1.PLWH.F.P:

  1. Motorized portal of adhesive applicator is equipped with electric drive motor for lifting up and down of the applicator depends from the quantity of materials, placed on the platform;
  2. Motorized roller conveyor with vertical stops (stationary and movable – with pneumatic drive);
  3. Two Portal-type pneumatic presses completed with motorized rollers;
  4. Output motorized roller conveyor;
  5. Pumping station;
  6. Control cabinet.

The unloading process can be executed:

  • 3m length panels: with folklift (whole stack) or manually (light weight panels);
  • the longer and heavier panels: with folklift (whole stack) or vacuum lifter.

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