Line GS.PU1.PLWH.F-6P is intended for gluing in any combinations of metals, PVC sheet, OSB boards, MgO, fibreboards, particleboards and other materials with different types of insulation, such as expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, mineral wool, etc. with 1-component polyurethane adhesives and automatic irrigation water.

Complete set GS.PU1.PLWH.F-6P:

  1. Motorized portal of adhesive applicator is equipped with electric drive motor for lifting up and down of the applicator depends from the quantity of materials, placed on the platform;
  2. Motorized roller conveyor with vertical stops (stationary and movable – with pneumatic drive);
  3. Motorized roller platform for transportation the stack of panels to presses (can be supplied with/without vertical stops)
  4. Portal type pneumatic presses (up to 6 units) completed with motorized rollers;
  5. Output motorized roller platform;
  6. Pumping station;
  7. Control cabinet.

The manufacturing process of SIPS panels on line GS.PU1.PLWH.F-6P:

1) The OPERATOR runs the lines on the control panel. Full readiness for operation - 2 minutes.

2) The OPERATOR sets the necessary installations for the operation of the line on the control panel (length, height of panel, adhesive consumption).

3) sheet material (PVC, OSB, MgO, ...) to fit and is positioned by WORKERS (2 persons) on the motorized conveyor. OPERATOR (WORKER) presses the “Start” button.

4) The adhesive applicator starts to move. Before the start and finish line (automatically determined) it is slow in motion backgrounds, to eliminate leakage of adhesive for sizes set by the OPERATOR. The exact start and finish line is controlled by the program.

5) on a sheet of material with glue WORKERS stack and position a sheet of insulation. The OPERATOR presses the “Start” button. Application of glue and water occurs in the automatic mode.

6) WORKERS placing and positioning the next sheet (PVC, OSB, MgO). Sandwich panel glued together. The cycle is repeated until the required number of gluing panels for pressing.

7) Operator switches on the conveyor. The stack of glued sandwich panels moves to the motorized platform; and then - into one of the presses.

8) While the 1-st set of panels is under the pressing, the 2-nd set of panels is under assembling and gluing. (see pos. №№ 2-7) .

9) After pressing the stack of panels moves to the output motorized platform. This platform moves the stack to the unloading zone.

The unloading process can be executed:

  • 3m length panels: with forklift (whole stack) or manually (light weight panels);

  • the longer and heavier panels: with folklift (whole stack) or vacuum lifter.

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