S/a adhesive applying machine GS.PU1.PLWH.F, which can be integrated in technological process of sandwich-panels production at your factory. GS.PU1.PLWH.F consists the movable adhesive application site combined with motorized roller conveyor. The line is intended for gluing in any combinations of OSB, MgO boards and other materials with different types of insulation, such as expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, mineral wool, etc. with 1-component polyurethane adhesives and automatic irrigation water.

Complete set GS.PU1.PLWH.F:

  1. Movable s/a adhesive applying node;
  2. Motorized roller conveyor;
  3. Vertical stops (stationary and movable - with pneumatic drive);
  4. Pumping station;
  5. Control cabinet.

Machine GS.PU1.PLWH.F can be supplied with presses in different configurations:

- with 1(2) C-type path-through motorized presses and output conveyor:

- with 1 portal-type motorized presses, output roller conveyor and lifters:

- with some portal-type motorized presses, input/output motorized platform for transportation the stack of panels:

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