Edge cutting and grooves making machine FPS-400-3000 was designed for trimming the edges of SIPs and making a grooves in  the core (EPS, foamed PU) in one operation cycle.

Set of tools:

  • 400 mm - saw blade Leuco (GER);
  • stainless brushes for making grooves in EPS.

Pneumatic clamping system and cams provide comfortable positioning of the panel.
The speed of the carriage is controlled by a frequency converter, which enables to cut panels of various materials.
Working surface of the table is covered with stainless steel to facilitate the movement of heavy magnesite panel (panel weight - up to 50 kg).
The time required for the changeover to another installation thickness of the product (adjusted raising and lowering drive and brushes with screws) - about 4 minutes.
The time required for the changeover to a different installation depth of the sample (to replace a set of brushes to the correct size) - about 3 minutes.
The FPS-400 may be equipped with Jib Crane for loading and unloading.


 Pic.1 Saw blade and brush Pic.2 Saw only Pic.3 Brush only


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