GLUESTREAM SPL-9 2K applicator provides automatic high-speed application of two-component polyurethane adhesive on the workpiece.

Machine consists of:

1) Stationary platform with movable applicator;

2) Adhesive tanks;

3) Pump station equipped with buffer tanks;

4) Control panel.

GLUESTREAM SPL-9 2K pumps station: Dosage, mixing, digital control system
Equipped with high-precision dosing pumps, that used to meter defined quantity of components of two-component polyurethane adhesive system forward to static mixer system.
For high quality mixing we use European static mixer systems Nordson EFD (England).
Digital system controls the rate and dosage of components at the required level, according to the run speed of the carriage.
Ratios of the components are set in accordance with technical data sheets (TDS) of adhesive two component polyurethane system.
Control Panel allows configuring operating parameters, diagnosing the system with operator panel, displaying the current status of the process.

SCOPE OF USE: SIP production machinery, PVC sandwich panel production equipment, adhesive applicator machinery, sandwich panel bonding.

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