GlueStream VAN PRO SL is a stationary mixing, dosing, applying machine for thixotropic polyurethane sealants with viscosity of component up to 320 000 mPa*s;
Scope of use: Polyurethane thixotropic sealants applying, 2 component polyurethane adhesives systems, multilayered sandwich panel production

The machinery consists of:

Mobile adhesive applying head;
Pump station with special pneumatic pumping unit for component A;
Static or dynamic mixer system;
Adhesive tract cleaning system (automatic);
Digital control system.

VAN Pro SL provides dosing, mixing, applying of two component polyurethane sealant, with viscosity of component A up to 320 000 mPa*s and component B from 100 to 1000 mPa*s.
The applicator head designed to move on the guide beam, driven with geared motor, mixing the components with static or dynamic mixer, applying the mix right on the workpiece.
The cleaning of the system occurs using solvent and compressed air in automatic mode.

GlueStream G-Digital control system allows to:
- set all required characteristics and control all the attributes of technological process;
- system diagnosing;
- 24/7 support service worldwide, via internet access module.

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