VAN Mini 2K designed for sandwich panel production in refrigerated vans manufacturing process.
Manual adhesive applicator which is using for sandwich panel production in refrigerated vans manufacturing cycle (multilayered sandwich panels).
VAN Mini 2K machine provides precision dosing, mixing, of adhesives. The worker manually applies the dosed mix on the substrates.
Production set:

Movable cart;
Buffer tank of component «A»;
Buffer tank of component «B»;
Pump station;
Manual type adhesive applicator, equipped with static mixer;
Cleaning system for adhesive section;
Digital control system with monitor.

GlueStream pump station is installed with high-precision dosing gear pumps, that dosing accurate quantity of adhesive leveling its viscosity difference.
Two components mixing occur into a static mixer system, applying via special comb, which installed on a movable carriage. Carriage has an easy demountable design to perform a fast cleaning.

GlueStream G-Digital software monitors and synchronizes dosing of components and measuring at the necessary level. The adhesive system components ratios are set according with technical data sheets.

Control panel allows to:
- set the ratio of components «A» and «B»;
- adjust the amount of adhesive applying;
- control the level of adhesive components in the buffer tanks.

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