VAN 1СPU 6000x2500 conveyor line with single component polyurethane adhesive applying unit

Line consists:

1. Feeding zone with conveyor drive;
2. Sliding portal single component polyurethane adhesive applicator;
3. Pressing unit with conveyor drive;
4. Receiving zone with conveyor drive.

Pneumatic press can be equipped with heated platforms, to reduce the pressing time:
Heating temperature – up to 60oC, 45 kW

Additional safety options (sensors, fences etc.) are also available.

Technical specification

Panels dimensions Min.2000x1500mm – Max.6000x2500mm
Press working area  6000x2500x250mm
Adhesive applying rate  5-15 m/min
Working pressure 200-2000 kg/sqm
Adhesive system type Single component polyurethane
Viscosity range of adhesive 4000-10500 mPas
Glue consumption 90-300 g/m2
Applying accuracy +/- 5 g/sqm
Adjustable substrate length 2000-6000
Auto adjustable substrate height 10-250
Shutter control system available
Drive motors power consumption 8,5 kW (w/out heating press)

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