PPM LP-2.0 is a low pressure dosing machine for polyurethane elastomer processing.

Gluestream Company produces equipment that includes all the preparation steps – heating, homogenizing, degassing before mixing.

Precision gear dosing pumps provides high-quality metering of the various components. The dynamic mixing head equipped with recycling device and precise injector for accurate components feeding into the mixing chamber.

Mixing head set represents four sizes of the mixing chamber to achieve the best quality mix. Main process parameters control during the every stage: temperature and pressure of each component, consumption, and ratios guarantees the best quality of the product.

All parameters are displayed on the color screen. The software is quite easy and friendly-orientated to be learned and easy to develop according the needs of the final user.

Machinery set

  1. Stainless steel tanks are equipped with mixing units and installed in separate insulated cabinets;
  2. Precision dosing pumps with variable frequency drive;
  3. Flexible heated hoses to feed and recirculation of components;
  4. Dynamic mixing head with frequency-variable adjustment drive to choose the most optimal mixing mode;
  5. Valves with separate drives for each component for injection into the mixing chamber;
  6. Air heating system of tanks, pumps, hoses and mixing head;
  7. Ratio tracking control system;
  8. Mixing chamber cleaning system.

Operation principle

Prepared components are supplied with metering pumps for elastic sleeves to the valves of the mixing head. At the time of filling valve open flow into the mixing chamber and block the flow of circulation. Mixed components go into a pre-prepared form or a special container for further filling into the forms. At the end of the mixing chamber filling with solvent and washed in automatic or manual mode.

Technical parameters
Mix type low pressure
Performance up to 25 kg/m
Pressure of compressed air 6-8 bar
Voltage 400V
Max temperature of the components 120-130 ° C

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