PPM HP-1.0 high pressure polyurethane foam foaming machine is designed for dosing and mixing the various kinds of polyurethane foams – rigid, flexible and integral.

Using this type of equipment there is an ability to manufacture:

  • Sandwich panels;
  • Architectural decoration;
  • Furniture Décor;
  • Plates and shells for insulation;
  • Car seats;
  • Elements of upholstered furniture.

Machine construction

Machinery is equipped with thermostatic system which allows to maintain the temperature of the components within 22-250C for keeping the process stable.
The tanks are equipped with water “cover” which maintains the preset temperature feature. Water heating occurs with electric heater and cooling – with a separate cooling unit – chiller.

Polyol capacity is equipped with the mixer for continuous mixing that maintains the substance in a homogeneous state.
The components’ tanks of a 250 liter volume automatically replenished due to level sensors.
The dosing is occurred with high quality axial piston type pumps. The incoming line is equipped with self-cleaning plate filters.
Adjusting and maintaining the rates and productivity is occurred with frequency converters.
For components’ mixing the machine is installed with high pressure L-type head that allows obtaining the mix of the perfect quality. Materials consumption is minimized due to solvent-free working and other reagents absence for head cleaning.

The monitoring system provides the control over the all stages according the following parameters:

  • Temperature and pressure of each component;
  • Consumption of materials;
  • The ratio of the components.

The indication rates occur on the color screen panel. The control software is friendly-faced, clear and easy to use.
The modular design of the construction allows to equip the machine according the needs.

The high-pressure rigid and flexible polyurethane foam processing machine (PUF) technical characteristics

Mixing type high pressure
Productivity up to 500 kg/min
Rates of components 1:1-1:3
Components thermo stating  system 22-250C
Mixers for the volumes equipped
Step adjustment of the performance ratios equipped
Temperature and pressure control equipped
Chiller optional
Additional pumping from the stationary volumes optional
Modular design according the customer’s specs

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