Multi layered parquet production machinery (MLP)
GlueStream Company represents single component polyurethane adhesive applicator for multilayered parquet production. Machine equipped with motorized automatic conveyor feeding system.

Machinery set:

Feeding automatic conveyor;
Receiving automatic conveyor;
Stationary adhesive applicator equipped with automatic length detection system and automatic shutter system;
Operator panel with touch screen display.

Operation principle:

Operator defines the required speed of the conveyor (5-15 m/min) on the control panel;
Operator defines one of the two modes of work – continuous or one-by-one.

 Continuous (for long lamellas that covers the most part of the feeding conveyor)
After start the feeding and receiving conveyors running in «continuous» mode:
- Operator put down the lamella on conveyor;
- Lamella passes through the adhesive applicator;
- Applicator starts and ends applying of the adhesive automatically;
- Machine automatically adjusts the speed of the conveyors 
- The second operator takes the lamella from receiving conveyor, and then the cycle repeats

One by one (For short lamellas processing):
After start of the machine the feeding and receiving conveyors running in standby mode:
- Operator fills the feeding conveyor with short lamellas and presses the start button;
- The feeding conveyor takes the lamellas to the glue application unit that starts and stops the application by sensors;
- The receiving conveyor takes the lamellas after the application and automatically stops;
- The second operator takes off the lamellas from the receiving conveyor, parallel to the first operator that puts the next part of the lamellas on the feeding conveyor.

GlueStream sensor control panels:
Control system is equipped with sensor displays and controllers which provide a great variety of possibilities to control workflow diagnose the system. Operator can set the required adhesive consumption, running rate of the carriage directly from the control panel. The statistics information about adhesive consumption for certain period is also available.

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