GlueStream Company represents Single component polyurethane adhesive applicator for glued laminated timber (Gluelam) production. Equipped with motorized smart automatic feeding system.
Adhesive consumption is controlled by digital system that provides you with flow rate data and other characteristics on the display.
Applicator is equipped with smart feeding system which is able to position and transport the beam according to the technology conditions.
Machine equipped with modern intellectual feeding system, which is able to position and transport the beam or lamella according to the process conditions.

Defects in the geometrical dimensions of lamellas are leveled by the feeding system.

The machine does not require additional drive roller conveyors; it can be matched with any passive roller conveyors.

Feeding system is designed according to lamina application principle, with a start/stop per lamella.

Modification for I-Beam production:

GLUESTREAM Company represents the modification of the GLUESTREAM GLUELAM PUR for I-beam glue applying, equipped with movable glue application head and nozzles that place the glue strictly on the walls of the I-beam grooves. This method provides the high quality bonding combined with enlarged adhesive economy

SCOPE OF USE: Gluelam production, glulam manufacturing, lamella adhesive applying, I-Beam production, polyurethane adhesive application

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