GlueStream Company represents brand new two component EPI system adhesive applicator machinery equipped with start/stop system. Gluelam EPI (emulsion polymer isocyanate) 

Gluelam EPI scope of use:

Laminated panels up to 300 mm* width;
Glue-lam beams;
Window scantling elements;
Customized solution;
*can be increased or decreased according to the customer’s requirements

Gluelam EPI applicator machinery kit includes:

Applying head installed with original auto tracking function of the lamellas curvature;
Precision dosing pump station, equipped with corrosion resistant metal pumps and digital control system;
Specialized high-class rollers with roller bearings. (option)

Motorized smart feeding system:

Bottom motor drive shaft with threads;
Upper pneumatic clamping device;

Mixing and applying characteristics:

Applying head with original auto tracking system that levels the irregularities of the beam or lamella during the adhesive applying; 
Aluminum spreader with P.T.F.E. coating, that provide no adhesion of the glue with the spreader parts at all;
Two components of EPI system delivers to the applicator head separately, where they are pushing through the static mixer system (Nordson EFD, England). Static mixer system provides the rapid accurate mix and quantity of mixed EPI components inside the machine not more than 75-150 grams (depends of the mixer’s model).
The operating speed of the machine is up to 120 m/min;
Ratio range of the system can be set from 100:5 to 100:20, adjustment discreteness is 0,2 %;
«Dry lamella» function is also available;

Gluelam EPI Pump station:

High precision stainless dosing pump (Germany):
The application rate is controlled via vector frequency converters. The torque rate of the pump is automatically adjusts according to the adhesive viscosity changing that allows to pump the accurate amount of adhesive, leveling its viscosity difference;

Main parameters:

Adhesive feeding rate;
Lamella feeding speed;
EPI components level in the buffer tank is checked with sensor;
GlueStream machinery is equipped with a remote control module that allows our engineers to check and diagnose machinery via internet all around the world providing the high quality support.

Adhesive system type EPI
Mixing type Static mixer
Application width 50-300 mm
Application rate Up to 120 m/min
Dimensions (LxWxH)

1200x1200x1700 mm (application unit)

2540x1400x600 mm (pump station)

Weight Not more than 600 kg
Power supply Not more than 4 kW

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