FLM VAL singlesided adhesive applicator for HPL and PVC sheet flat lamination using decorative films and hot-melt polyurethane adhesive systems.

Machinery set:

Primer processing automatic station;
Heating and drying tunnel;
Singlesided roller adhesive applicator;
Heated roller press for decorative film applying;
Roller press for protection film applying;
Feeding and receiving tables.

Operation principle:
Liquid primer processing station is equipped with automatic control system that adjusts the duration and frequency of primer applying.

Heating and drying tunnel is equipped with infrared heating elements to provide the sheet with temperature 40-50C degrees. Primer applying visual control is also available by ultraviolet lamp.

Adhesive applying unit is equipped with heated dosing and applying rollers.

Running speed 1.5-3 m/min
Sheet thickness 1.2-100mm
Power consumption not more than 30 kW

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