FLM Spray is a kitchen sponges production machinery, designed for fiber and elastic polyurethane foam boards bonding machinery, which is using in kitchen sponges production cycle. 

Adhesive system: Single-component reactive hot melt polyurethane. 


Low consumption (40-60 g/m2);
High adhesion properties;
High environmental performance (solvent-free technology).

Complete set of production line:

Unwind unit;
Adhesive applying heads system;
Melting unit;
Feeding conveyor;
Elastic polyurethane foam board feeder;
Roller press;
Receiving table.

FLM Spray operation principles:
1) The operator put the roll with fiber on the unwind unit and fix the beginning of the fiber roll to the axletrees of the press. Unwind unit is equipped with special system to provide accurate tension of the materiall;
2) The operator turns on the adhesive applying system. Applying occurs on the upper surface of the fiber by applicator heads that move athwart the fiber’s run;
3) Fiber with applied adhesive comes to the matching zone (with flexible polyurethane foam board that is loaded into the feeder);
4) The matched materials comes to the roller press;
5) And finally to the output table, where the operator make a cut of the fiber between the polyurethane boards.

GlueStream control panel allows to adjust the following data:

Adhesive applying speed;
Adhesive amount;
Adhesive temperature;

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