About GlueStream

GLUESTREAM Europe is a wide range machinery manufacturer of high quality equipment for sandwich panel production, SIP housebuilding, gluelam manufacturing, flat lamination. Machinery custom production is the main profile of the company. GLUESTREAM Europe is ready to provide you with machinery of any complexity worldwide!

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Gluestream was opened as gluelam machinery manufacturing plant. Then the product line was enlarged with original designed sandwich panel production equipment (specialized for single component and two component polyurethane adhesive systems), after which was developed a variety of machinery for PVC, OSB, aluminum, thin metal sheets processing. This variety included format-panel cutting machinery and pneumatic presses.  


GlueStream Europe is glue applicator equipment manufacturer that specialized in custom design equipment and development of new technologies in manufacturing. 

Professional Team

We have got a team of high-class specialized that are in touch with world’s leading manufacturers of adhesives. With release of new glue applying equipment, GlueStream holds open testing of machinery together with adhesive systems suppliers. The main aim of our team is to raise your production to higher level and provide the customer with new technology that is more accurate and as a result the rise of productivity and adhesive economy, environmentally friendly production with high level of human safety.

Theory and Practice

GlueStream offers an opportunity to buy not only machinery but a full cycle of manufacturing including theory and practice of new technology that is designed individually to each company, according to the required objectives and requirements. The staff training is also included. GlueStream provides special seminars and learning cycle for the future machinery operators. GlueStream machinery interfaces are friendly to use and give the operator the full information, eliminates the possibility of failure.


Special designed software is able to deliver production reports to the factory superintendents with details of manufactured cycle, the amount of used adhesive system components, warn the need of adhesive tanks replacement, following the expiration date of components, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the shop to control the accuracy of production. 

Also, GlueStream have a great experience of different machinery modernization, integration the adhesive applying units to the existing production lines and synchronization.  

You can contact with our manager to get a consultation about your production intentions, we will be glad to share our experience with you!

Category: Technologies

  • Autovan Panel Production Machinery

    GlueStream equipment allows to manufacture durable and quality autorefrigerator panels. 


  • Gluelam production machines

    GlueStream adhesive equipment provide the highest operating characteristics in cycles of gluelam manufacturing, I-beam production, structural beam manufacturing etc.

  • Sandwich panel production machinery

    Gluestream Company produce equipment which is used in production of SIP, PVC, MgO board sandwich panels.

    Sandwich panels are the main part of house building using Canadian SIP technology.

Category: Production

  • PU Foam Dispensing Machines

    Gluestream Company develops and manufactures PU dispensing equipment that alllows to produce different products using polyurethane foam and sealant.

  • Polyurethane Foam Production Machines

    Polyurethane foam products

    Polyurethane foam products are used in construction, architecture, furniture industry, in manufacturing of refrigeration equipment and household water heaters, in automotive and aircraft industry.

  • Flat Lamination Equipment

    GlueStream lamination equipment allows to produce kitchen sponges and other foam rubber products, HPL and PVC sheet flat lamination using decorative films which used in door and window assemles production and installation. Laminated PVC panels are also used while finishing window and door slopes.

Professional Equipment by GlueStream