About GlueStream

GLUESTREAM Europe is a wide range machinery manufacturer of high quality equipment for sandwich panel production, SIP housebuilding, gluelam manufacturing, flat lamination. Machinery custom production is the main profile of the company. GLUESTREAM Europe is ready to provide you with machinery of any complexity worldwide!

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Gluestream was opened as gluelam machinery manufacturing plant. Then the product line was enlarged with original designed sandwich panel production equipment (specialized for single component and two component polyurethane adhesive systems), after which was developed a variety of machinery for PVC, OSB, aluminum, thin metal sheets processing. This variety included format-panel cutting machinery and pneumatic presses.  


Category: Technologies

  • Online Technical Support

    GlueStream machinery is equipped with remote access module that provides our customers with 24/7 online support.

  • Adhesive Applicators

    GlueStream adhesive applicators are the basis of different applicator equipment. Company produces high quality applicators, providing high performance and quality of products.

  • Roller Applying VS Nozzles Adhesive Applying

    Important difference between roller applying and nozzles adhesive applying in SIP panels production.

Category: Production

  • MF, MUF Adhesives

    Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Adhesive System 

    Melamine formaldehyde adhesives are used for non-bearing wooden structures production, to connect the beams that are made of laminated wood materials, bonded with casein glue and plywood manufacturing.

  • Staff Trainings

    GlueStream Europe is glue applicator equipment manufacturer that specialized in custom design equipment and development of new technologies in manufacturing. 

  • EVA Adhesives

    Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Adhesive System 

    Ethylene Vinyl Acetate adhesive represents transparent, hard and pliant copolymer. 

    It is categorized by several positions:

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